YouTube Removes Donald Trump's Latest Speech

Former US President, Donald Trump recently gave a speech to CPAC, the US Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

CPAC is the largest annual gathering of the conservative political right in the United States. The Conference's latest event was held on 2-28 February and was attended by many leading US politicians, including Donald Trump.

CPAC announced this morning that Donald Trump's speech to the Conference was taken down last night by YouTube.

Ironically the headlight title of this year's CPAC conference was America UnCanceled!

Matt Schlapp, Chairman of CPAC responded:

"Here we are, just days after the largest gathering of conservative leaders in a year, and the Big Tech censors are trying to cancel us -- proving our point that Cancel Culture is an out-of-control attack on our essential liberties.

Here at GREATBRITAINTV.UK we try to bring you important news that is not otherwise given prominence by the mainstream media, but in a way that is apolitical, objective and unbiased. However, we believe that the removal of Donald Trump's speech from YouTube is a challenge to free speech. For that reason, we are providing you with a link to the CPAC website where you can view it.

Just click on the photo or link below to watch DONALD TRUMP'S SPEECH

Henry Bolton OBE, founder of BRITPAC UK, a moderate conservative and centre right movement based on that of CPAC, when asked for comment told us:

This is censorship by an unaccountable commercial organisation; it is an abuse of rights and undermines democracy. Trump is now plain 'Mister Trump'. He gave a speech to the largest conservative gathering in the United States as a private citizen. He is entitled, as is everyone else, to his opinions and he expressed them. Those who disagree should counter with reasoned argument.
So called 'cancel culture' is an abomination and nothing is more likely to bring Trump back to the Whitehouse than this.

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