Will ISIS Bride Shamima Begum Return to the UK?

The UK Supreme Court will decide this week whether ISIS Bride, Shamima Begum may return to the UK.

The UK Home Office wants to revoke Begum’s UK citizenship and has blocked her from entering the UK. The government claims the right to take such action if the person involved is a threat to national security and may claim citizenship in another country.

Begum has appealed against the decision and the Appeal Court has claimed that she cannot have a fair hearing unless she is allowed into the UK for that purpose. The Supreme Court will decide whether Begum may return for the appeal hearing.

Begum, a UK citizen born in London, travelled to Syria in 2015 to live in ISIS territory. She claims to have married an ISIS fighter and to have had three children all of whom, she says, have died. Whilst Begum was born in the UK, she is eligible to apply for citizenship in Bangladesh, however the Bangladeshi authorities have said they would deny any such application. They don’t want her either.

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