US Blocks TikTok and WeChat

CHINA: Beijing has reacted angrily, accusing the United States of "bullying" and has threatened to take "necessary" countermeasures after the US blocked downloads of the TikTok app and WeChat.

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce stated on Saturday: "China urges the US to abandon bullying, cease its wrongful actions and earnestly maintain fair and transparent international rules and order... If the US insists on going its own way, China will take necessary measures to resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies."

On Saturday, Beijing also introduced a legal mechanism that allows it to limit the activities of foreign owned entities that it considers to be a threat to China's sovereignty and security. This move is assessed to be a response to penalties and restrictions imposed on Chinese companies such as the telecoms giant Huawei, by countries such as the UK and US.

The Executive Order introduced by President Trump banning TikTok on the basis of national security, and the Chinese reaction mark a clear escalation in tensions between the two countries on a number of fronts: technical, trade, human rights and Chines military activity in the South China Sea.

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