Trump Supporters March on Statehouses Across the US

A peaceful demonstrator? What harm is being done to the US Republican Party?

The invasion of the US Capitol Building in Washington DC yesterday's astounded, shocked and worried the free world. What happened yesterday should be doubly concerning as the crowd was fired up, incited even, up by the President himself.

None-the-less, the events in Washington are being covered extensively by the major news networks and outlets. What people will be less aware of is that the Washington DC Capitol Building was not the only target of such behaviour.

Other, smaller, crowds gathered at statehouses in Ohio, Atlanta, Minnesota, Kansas and California, and whilst none of these saw the same attacks on the institutions of American democracy as occurred in Washington DC, the Georgia Capitol was evacuated as a precautionary measure as demonstrators gathered outside.

What appears certain is that not only is the US now highly political polarised, the Republican Party has been split. It is divided between populistic Trump supporters and traditional Republicans with some saying it is now "Trump's Republican Party". It is unlikely that the Republican Party itself would wish Trump to run again for the Presidency in 2024 and so, will the situation lead to a permanent split of the Party and perhaps to decades of Democrat leadership in the Whitehouse?

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