The West Must not Ignore the Armenia/Azerbaijan Conflict

Whilst much of the rest of the world has its eyes on President Trump's health or Brexit talks, Fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan is escalating with reports of civilian deaths following multiple missile strikes.

Tensions in the region have been high, with occasional clashes between the two countries since 1920. The origins of the conflict lie in the fact that the Orthodox Armenian region of Ngorno-Karabakh is surrounded by the territory of Islamic Azerbaijan. A tree year war broke out in 1991, since when the two countries have been squaring off against each other. Armenia is an ally of Russia and Azerbaijan is supported by NATO member, Turkey.

Ngorno-Karabakh covers some 11,500 km2 and has a population of 160,000.

It is difficult to identify and corroborate the precise locations of imagery and footage coming out of the region, however, it is certain that the conflict is escalating with the danger of it expanding geographically.

There are already credible reports of Turkish involvement.

The world needs to pay attention to this conflict. It may become a great deal more serious.

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