President Trump Formally Accepts Republican Nomination and Makes Blistering Attack on Bidden

In a speech laced with attacks on his Democrat opponent, Joe Biden, President Trump last night formal accepted the Republican National Congress nomination to run for President a second time.

In the speech, delivered in front of the Whitehouse, President Trump said that Joe Bidden would give “free rein to violent anarchists,” and raised the warning that, should Bidden became President, “no one will be safe” in America. Trump called this year's Presidential election, which will take place on 3rd November, as “the most important election in the history of our country.”

"The most important election in the history of our country."

Whilst President Trump has been accused of sending inflammatory Tweets in the past, and of delivering ill-prepared statements, Joe Bidden has made a number of incoherent and confused speeches recently, suggesting to some that the 77 year old may be losing some of his faculties.

Democrat candidate, Joe Bidden

Biden himself has stated that he considers himself a "transitionary candidate" which has been interpreted by some as meaning that he expects not to remain President for a full term if elected.

There has perhaps not been a US Presidential election in living memory in which the two sides have been so far apart, political and philosophically and the outcome will inevitably have a dramatic impact on the direction the United States takes. Given that, that polling suggesting Trump is behind in the polls and the blistering attacks that he made on Bidden during his RNC acceptance speech last night, expect a bitter campaign in which both sides take the gloves off. It's going to be messy.

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