President Macron Calls for EU Border Force

Following the appalling terrorist murder and decapitation of a history teacher in Paris in October, and the terror attack in Vienna on 2nd November, President Macron has called for a major review and reform of the European Union's border security and management. He said:

“I am in favour of a deep overhaul of Schengen to re-think its organisation and to strengthen our common border security with a proper border force,”

He also said he would present proposals to the European Union in December.

It is relevant to note that Macron does not seem to be proposing that the European internal borders and free movement be changed dramatically. What he seems to b e hinting at is the creation of a European-wide Border Force that will have prime responsibility for policing the block's external borders. Where such a move would lead the countries on the external borders is unclear. In effect they would be needing control of their territory to a law enforcement/border force controlled not by their own capital, but by Brussels.

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