Potential for War with China Grows

Soldiers of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA)

The potential for a major conflict with China in South Asia is growing following demands from Beijing that the United States stops interfering in its border dispute with India over part of Kashmir.

In June this year 20 Indian soldiers were killed by the Chinese military and tensions have been growing between the two countries. China has also been ramping up its military presence and land grabbing in the Sound China Sea region. It has also increased its threats towards Taiwan.

The latest angry threats from the Chinese follow the conclusion of a new US/India defence agreement. Under the agreement the US and India will exchange military intelligence and strengthen cooperation against common treats in the Asia-Pacific region. The wording 'common threats' is Cleary a reference to an increasingly assertive and aggressive China.

The Chinese foreign ministry has said that "border affairs between China and India are matters between the two countries”.

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