No Measures in Schools Despite 16-29 Age Group Driving Infection Rates

In and expected but none the less very unpopular step, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that the UK will enter a nationwide lockdown for four weeks, commencing on 5th November and ending 2nd December.

Restaurants, bars, pubs and cafes will all close. Essential shops will remain open, non-essential shops will close. People are to stay at home except for going to work if they can't work from home; shopping for essentials; going to school; getting medical treatment. Single person households are permitted to form a 'bubble' with one other household.

Despite the fact that the increase in infection rates started in in September as secondary and primary schools returned, and despite clear evidence that the age group 16-29 is driving the rates up, the government did not announce any measures in educational establishments.

Infections per age group, by region. The darker the colour, the higher the rate.

Nor did the government announce any awareness building campaign for pupils. There is therefore a real risk that, whilst the country and its economy are in lockdown, there will be little impact on stemming infection.

Slides from the Boris Johnson's lockdown briefing

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