More Brits are Proud of Empire than Ashamed.

Figures from the polling organisation YouGov show that we are proud of the British Empire. Only theDutch are more proud of their Empire.

According to polling published today, Brits are more proud (32%) than ashamed (19%) of the Empire; 33% think former colonies are better off for having been part of the Empire and 27% wish we still had an Empire.

Analysis of the figures reveals that there is a significant political divide over the Empire, between Remain and Leave voters (as well as Conservative and Labour voters, whose views almost identically match those of Leave and Remain voters respectively). For instance, while 50% of Leave voters feel the empire is more something to be proud of, only 20% of Remain voters say the same. In contrast, only 9% of Leave voters are more ashamed of the empire, compared to 30% of Remainers.

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