Military Tensions in South China Sea as Beijing Launches Missiles

Tensions in the South China Sea have risen following the firing of a intermediate-range DF-26B ballistic missile from Qinghai province and another medium-range DF-21D ballistic missile from Zhejiang province on Wednesday in apparent response to US aerial activities in a military no-fly zone.

Responding to the launches, US Defence Secretary Mark Esper said China has reportedly been falling short of its promises and obligations to comply with international laws.

On Tuesday it was reported that a US U2 spy plane had entered Chinese airspace and violated a 'no fly zone' without permission in order to monitor Chines naval life fire exercises in the Bohei Sea.

China's foreign ministry spokesman, Zhao Lijian has called the US spy plane's violation of the no-fly zone as provocative and Beijing's ambassador to the UK, Liu Xiaoming, China's has said the US overflight had "severely disrupted" China's normal exercises and training activities.

Zhao Lijian, China's foreign ministry spokesman, described the spy plane overflight as "provocative actions" and urged the US to stop. 

China's military will not "dance to the tune of the US" or allow the United States to "cause trouble", Chinese defence ministry spokesman Wu Qian said on Thursday.

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