London Faces Lockdown

London faces lockdown as it is placed on the National Coronavirus Watchlist with 620 new cases of Covid-19 recorded in the city yesterday. The weekly infections across England also rose to 103,600

Placing the city on the national watchlist means that London will be able to obtain additional support and access to extra Covid-19 tests.

To place the rise in reported positive tests yesterday into perspective, the population of London is 8,961,989 and so 620 represents one person in 14,455, or 0.007% of the city's population. Furthermore, the recent increase in testing inevitably leads to an increase in positive test results.

Mayor Sadiq Khan has said that the city is at a "tipping point",however there is some speculation that the Labour Mayor, who has been a vocal critic of the Conservative government and its support for London, is politicising the Coronavirus response by attempting use this opportunity to obtain additional help for specifically Labour run London councils.

The 'think tank' The Boudicca Centre has criticised the government's Coronavirus restrictions strategy as "lacking in direction" and as "incoherent and chaotic". You can read their piece here: Government's Covid Restrictions Strategy in Inconsistent and Chaotic.

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