Lockdown Not Worth Damage SAGE Says

An unknown member of the governments Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) has stated that a so called ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown would not be worth the damage caused.

The 28 day ‘circuit break’ which is being called for by Labour, has been undermined by the SAGE committee member who stated it would not be worth the loss of life due to other illnesses.

The lockdown in March cost 20% of GDP and countless deaths due to other diseases, with cancer diagnoses, for example, dropping 75% at the peak of the lockdown. These non-Covid deaths are widely regarded as being the result of a general fear, throughout the population, that attending doctors surgeries and hospitals increases the likelihood of infection.

The impact will have inevitably long term repercussions for no-Covid mortality rates as many of the diseases involved are ing term in nature and mortality rates are greatly influenced by early intervention. I other words, further lockdowns, including finale duration 'circuit-breakers' are hight likely to lead to a significantly higher longer-term mortality rate.

The SAGE group has, in any case, stated that it reserves its right to implement a national ‘circuit break’ throughout England if Covid cases increase significantly.

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