Is the UK Set to Lock Down a Second Time?

The FT (Financial Times) reports that the government's scientific advisors have suggested that a second nation wide lockdown should be imposed for two weeks in October.

The two week period would, it is reported, coincide with the October half term to minimise the impact on education.

Downing Street hasn't commented on this proposal, but it has already rejected a similar story concerning a proposed second lockdown that appeared last Wednesday. However, the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg has said that the government is considering measures to be applied across England and that would see hospitality business closed or restricted to tighter opening hours.

The cause of the stories and apparent proposals is a fear that there could be a significant increase in the number of deaths by the end of October, if there is no intervention.

The number of deaths caused in the UK by Covid-19 on 17 September 2020 was 17, bringing the total for the month of September to 204

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