HMS Queen Elizabeth Strike Group Sails

The Royal Navy's Carrier Strike group is now at sea as the largest 5th generation aircraft strike group in the world.

Three British F35 Lightening II warplanes

5th generation aircraft aircraft are considered the world's most advanced and capable warplanes. The combine cutting edge stealth characteristics with the ability to link into and network with the capabilities of other aircraft, surveillance and weapons systems to create a matrix of defensive and offensive capability.

The Queen Elizabeth herself is perhaps the most advanced large deck carrier in the world. With her compliment of 14 F35 Lightening II fighters and 8 Merlin helicopters being joined soon by seven Royal Navy destroyers , frigates, auxiliary ships and submarines the Strike Group is arguably the most advanced on Earth.

The two F35 Lightening II squadron embarked on the carrier are 617 Squadron (of Damn Busters fame) and the US Marine Corps' VMFA-211.

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