Greater Manchester Police Fail to Publish Crime Stats for 13th Month in a Row.

Dan Lewis of 'UK Crime Stats', reports that Greater Manchester Police have not released monthly crime data for the 13th month in a row.

This means for anyone checking for crime in Greater Manchester and its 270 neighbourhoods, relevant constituencies and postcodes over the last 12 months, will be seeing zero crime.

The Office for National Statistics recognises that violent and knife related crime has risen most in metropolitan areas, but excludes Greater Manchester Figures. If the national trend is up, the failure of GMP figures represents a significant gap in the picture. The ONS stated, regarding crime figures to the end of 2019 that:

For the year ending December 2019 in England and Wales (excluding Greater Manchester Police) data show a mixed picture, with:

a 3% decrease in recorded offences involving firearms

a 7% increase in the number of offences involving knives or sharp instruments

a 2% increase in the overall number of homicides; this includes a single incident with 39 homicide victims, which if excluded shows a 4% decrease overall

Many of these lower-volume, higher-harm types of violence tend to be concentrated in metropolitan areas such as London, the West Midlands and West Yorkshire.

While the total number of offences involving knives or sharp instruments in England and Wales (excluding GMP) increased by 7%, rates of increase varied across police forces. For example, there was a 5% increase in London, a 13% increase in the West Midlands and a 9% decrease in West Yorkshire. In addition, the number of homicides where a knife or sharp instrument was involved decreased by 8%. This decrease was despite a 13% increase in London in the number of homicides where a knife or a sharp instrument was involved.

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