Government Covid Strategy Comes Under Fire

The Think Tank, 'Boudicca Policy' has joined the ranks of those criticising the government's policy on Covid restrictions.

Boudicca Policy, which had previously described the government's approach to Covid as "inconsistent and chaotic", has now published an article on its website that has taken figures from the Office of National Statistics and Test and Trace data to argue that further the 10pm curfew imposed on pubs and the imposition of lock downs will have only a negligible impact on infection rates.

Boudicca Policy uses the data to argue that the rise in infections has its origin in schools, colleges and universities, that pupils have carried the virus into homes. and that unless that is recognised and addressed measures imposed elsewhere will have little effect.

The article goes on to conclude:

"It is extremely difficult to justify the lockdown of vast swathes of the country, population and economy when, because the problem does not originate in the hospitality industry or workplace, doing so will have only the most negligible effect. The lockdown policy and restrictions on social and leisure interaction are even more unjustified given the massive damage social, health and economic damage that such a policy necessarily inflicts.
"If the government and society wish to keep educational establishments open, either measures must be taken to reduce the transmission of the virus WITHIN that environment, or the country will have to pay the accept higher infection rates more generally.

To read the Boudicca Policy articles in full, click HERE

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