Germany: "Infections Growing Exponentially"

The National Infection Disease Centre in Germany has stated that Covid19 infections in the country are "rising exponentially".

Presently over 3,000 people are in intensive care in Germany, with one high ranking politician - the State Premier of Bavaria - saying:

"We are probably in the most dangerous phase of the pandemic"

More than 3,000 people with COVID-19 were in intensive care as of Sunday.

EU unused stockpiles of Astra-Zeneca vaccine

On Friday last, the Germany Health Minister, Jens Spahn, stated that part of the problem facing Europe is that there are insufficient vaccine doses to contain the growing third wave of infections. However, as of Sunday last (48 hours following his statement) Germany held 1,382,389 unused doses of Oxford Astra-Zeneca vaccine.

Despite holding unused stocks of vaccine totalling well over 7 million doses, the EU is set to impose a block on all vaccine exports to countries vaccinating at a higher rate than they are.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom has now vaccinated over half of the adult population whilst Germany has only vaccinated 12.5% of its population.

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