US Election: Trump vs Biden - who is ahead?

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

With only three months to go until the US Presidential Election, Joe Biden, Democratic Party Presidential Candidate, leads Republican President Donald Trump in key States

National polls in the United States show Mr Biden has a significant polling advantage over President Trump. The Democrats have moved well ahead in recent polls, giving him a lead over the president.

US commentators cite a widespread perception that President's handling of the Coronavirus pandemic has been poor, as the most significant cause of his waning popularity.

Due to the polarised political position of the two men, the implications that the outcome of the 2020 election will have around the world are significant.

Henry Bolton of the think tank, Boudicca Policy, said:

"Biden and Trump have vastly different positions on a range of issues, from China, through relations with Europe to immigration. Given that these issues are of huge importance also to us here in the UK, and the powerful influence the United States has, there is no doubt that the if Joe Biden wins the election we will experience a sea change in US policy and, most likely, a resulting period of somewhat increased social instability across the west."
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