Brexit No Deal Rhetoric is Ramping Up

EU negotiator, Michel Barnier

The United Kingdom looks set for a ‘No Deal’ exit from the European Union.

Michel Barnier has laid out his disappointment with the U.K. in a recent, uncharacteristically

short statement in which he registered his frustration with the U.K’s apparent refusal to engage with the EU on a ‘level playing field’, with Barnier highlighting what he said is the UK unwillingness to compromise on its fisheries.

Barnier has also stated:

“I came back from London this morning. We did not see any change in the position of the UK. I am worried and I am disappointed,”

The EU’s chief negotiator has eluded to similar issues in the past, however this was

particularly pointed language for the normally diplomatic Mr Barnier. Leading to accusations

on of brinkmanship.

Rhetoric is increasing on both sides, following a leak from a member of the U.K’s own negotiating team stating that the EU has shown little flexibility on its own side.

With the self-imposed deadline aimed at ensuring that any deal can be implemented by the end of the Transition Period, fast approaching, the two parties are braced for the U.K. to leave the European Union on World Trade Organisation (WTO) terms.

If no deal is reached, discussions will inevitably continue beyond the deadline as the UK and EU continue to seek the optimum relationship between them.

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