Anti-Lockdown Protests Held Across Europe


Protests against Covid-19 lockdown restrictions have taken place across Europe.

Countries across Europe, with the exception of the United Kingdom, which has now inoculated 50% of its adult population against the virus, are entering a third peak in infections.

Saturday: Largely peaceful march in London.

As governments across the continent attempt to balance efforts to constrain the spread of the virus with the need to maintain individual freedoms, their populations, denied the freedom to mix and socialise are becoming increasingly restless.

On Saturday, protests took place across Europe, demanding that lockdown restrictions be lifted. In the main, those protests have been peaceful. In London, a march passed without incident. However, videos emerged Saturday of seemingly heavy handed policing of an apparently comparative well social-distanced and otherwise quiet demonstration.

 In the eyes of many, such policing has the legitimacy of the lockdowns.
Dutch plain clothes police emerge from a police van with sticks. They subsequently set about protesters in the park.

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