68% of Musicians Considering New Career

A survey of 568 musicians has found that over half, 64% of them, are considering leaving the industry due to lack of work since the outbreak of the pandemic.

James McAulay, Chief Executive of Encore, the UK’s largest musician bookings platform, stated that ‘the short-term outlook is bleak’, saying that ‘the government needs to do more for musicians’.

Whist brought about by the closure of venues during the Coronavirus lockdown, musicians have faired particularly badly due to the fact that much of their work falls between the cracks of both the furlough scheme and the self-employed loan scheme.

With 2 in 5 musicians having no gigs booked between now and September, many are leaving the profession they love to pursue non-musical careers, or part time jobs. This has led many to wonder how the Arts sector will cope in the medium to long term, with many concerts and music events unlikely to reopen this side of Christmas.

The situation would be worse were it not for the efforts of the Arts industry, including charities, the Musicians Union and Help Musicians UK which have collectively assisted 42% of those surveyed.

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