About Us

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Great Britain Television (GBTV) is a limited company and was established in 2020 by Henry Bolton, Lee Turner, Ben Glayzer and Graham Lane, with the founding objectives of 1) providing information and comment on topics given insufficient attention by the main stream media and 2) providing an engaging and entertaining platform for the presentation of constructive solutions to the challenges facing the United Kingdom, its people, government, businesses, confidence, prosperity and security.


In this way, we hope to help our viewers to develop informed and objective opinions. 

We also seek to provide a platform for those who deserve to be heard but cannot gain access to existing media outlets. If you are a registered supporter and wish to appear on the channel, please email email@greatbritaintv.uk with your details and a synopsis of your subject and why you wish to talk about it.

Furthermore, our supporters have access to a chat forum in which they can ask us questions about world and national events and as well as stories in the news.

GBTV is funded through primarily through public subscriptions and donations and, to a lesser extent, online advertising,